About Us

Sharp-Edge Lifestyle is a venture for those fashionistas who are always on the hunt for something new! We bring you a fresh blend of fashion inspired from Hip-Hop Culture and Street Art. 

We all know the worth of a stylish outfit. Not only does it make you feel more confident, it also makes you feel complete, allowing you to express yourself freely. Yeah! We all want to look cool but there is only one thing that’s stopping us: Expensive Brands. 

As a dancer myself, I too had problems in expanding my classy wardrobe due to these brands. And I know that a lot of others can relate as well. As a part of the culture, I really wish for you all to chill around like Real Hustlers, and so I have decided to remove any barriers that stop you from feeling sexy and amazing. 

SharpEdge Lifestyle is Here To Make You Experience Quality Hood Fashion while keeping it budget-friendly. Our Only Vision is to Ensure Everybody Gets to Wear Classy Outfits, Look Dope, Feel Proud, and of course, Represent The Streets!